A Fundraising Movement for Our Brave Military and Veterans

Our military and veterans have fought long and hard to maintain peace and protect the sovereignty of our nation. They are our real-life heroes, and they deserve to be honored and recognized for all their years of service.

We are your resource and partner to help you build an Honor Field at your next event. You raise funds for your cause by capturing a portion of every Honor Sign purchased by your target audience.

To build an Honor Field, follow three easy steps to get started:

Determine the size and space available for your honor field to figure out how many honor signs you can display. We recommend 6 square feet of space for each sign, which allows for all signs to be seen and people are able to walk in and out of the field.


50 Honor Signs

10’ x 30’ feet of lawn


100 Honor Signs

20’ x 30’ of lawn


400 Honor Signs

50’ x 50’ feet of field


1,000 or more Honor Signs

perfect for any sports field

Determine the price of your Honor Signs to meet your fundraising goals. The amount you can raise for your organization depends on the price you set per Honor Sign. Anything above the base price of $30.00 per Honor Sign goes to your fundraising efforts. Below are examples of the amount you can raise for your organization based on a $50.00 per Honor Sign price.


A SNAP! Honor Field of 50 Honor Signs = $1,000

Any 10’ x 30’ area of lawn


100 Honor Signs = $2,000

Any 20’ x 30 ‘ area of lawn


400 Honor Signs = $8,000

Any 50’ x 50 ‘ area of lawn


1,000 Honor Signs = $20,000

Perfect for any sports field

Design and set up your event Honor Sign. We offer easy-to-create templates as well as fully customizable options for your event. Each Honor Sign is 18” H x 24” W without the stand.

Download advice, tips and instructions to plan and set up your Honor Field.

In Honor Of donates a portion of every Honor Sign sold to organizations that support veterans and their families.